Lauren Conrad is selling an affordable replica of her engagement ring and it’s actually AMAZE


By Natasha Harding
Lauren Conrad engagement ring

As a fashion designer and lady with all-round, damn fine taste we always knew that when Lauren Conrad got engaged, her ring was gonna be pretty AF.

And it totally is, with the classic design featuring a whopping, single solitaire-cut diamond atop a rose gold band.

Now, as part of her new fine jewellery line with Kohl's, LC has gone and created a pleb-friendly replica of her famous ring and it's actually even more gorge than the original, replacing the diamond with a solitaire-cut morganite stone and matching 10k rose gold band.

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Granted, it might be considered kinda weird to go and copy a celeb's engagement ring but I really DGAF 'cause it's so frekkin' pretty.

The best part? Rather than costing a shittonne of money (like you know the original would), the replica costs a fraction of the price, coming in at just over $2,600 (approx).

Nab yours here.

Given Kohl's only delivered within the US, if you haven't already signed up to Australia Post's ShopMate scheme (which arranges for parcels to be send to a local address before being forwarded on to your Aus letter box), then you should probs do that. Like, stat.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some completely unnecessary, but totally worth it, shopping to do.

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