Meghan Markle's 'something blue' for her wedding will legitimately make you cry

Literal tears.

By Katie Stow

We honestly thought that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had reached peak cuteness with that adorable engagement interview and the royal wedding of our dreams, but Megs is back to swing one last overwhelming whollop of cute after revealing what her 'something blue' was.

In a clip from the new royal documentary Queen of the World (about Prince Harry's grandmother) we can see Meghan reuniting with her now-iconic wedding dress, proclaiming, "It's amazing, isn't it?". Yes Meghan, we can confirm that the entire globe was in awe of you when you stepped out in that glorious gown.

But then the Duchess dropped some grade-A adorable intel when she shared that there's something hidden in the veil.

Us = deceased.

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So surely this confirms it once and for all: Happily ever afters do exist and there's never been more inspiration for us to hunt down our very own Prince Charming.