One of Pippa Middleton's pageboys was VERY, VERY naughty

He made a swear, that lil' scamp!

By Alex Rees
pageboy swears pippa middleton's wedding

Remember at the ~royal wedding~ when all involved got to watch that special Royal Air Force flyover from the balcony at Buckingham Palace? And one of Kate's lil' bridesmaids was NOT HERE for all the noise involved?! It was perhaps the biggest viral photo moment of the day, perhaps aside from Pippa's butt.

TBH, Grace Van Cutsem was serving sassface all day.

And one of the pageboys at Kate's sister Pippa's wedding this morning was clearly taking a page out of her playbook. After all, the ~real deal~ royals aren't allowed to upstage regular folk at their wedding, but STUNT QUEENS sure can. Yas!

Meet your new fave badly-behaved child.

OK, borderline badly-behaved. He's just excitable given the scene, and the attention.

He starting by digging for some gold — nose gold.

We've all been there, OK? Sometimes a nugget is so tempting that, circumstances be damned, you've just got to go for it.


But then, suddenly, one finger became two. Uh-oh.

Yep, this kid is really cussing out the world.

And look, maybe he MEANT to make the peace sign but got his hand the wrong way round (the "V sign" is, for Brits, viewed as an "obscene gesture".
Or maybe he just meant to make a scene.

Let's look at the pic again, because KMid's AGHAST face in the background says it all.

This is the face of a woman who knows the extent to which a small child can upstage you on your wedding day, tbqh.

But then, OK, he added a third finger and maybe he was just counting after all!?

What is he counting, though!? Boogers, or perhaps peasants.