Penn Badgley had a naked wedding cake and it actually looks delicious

Gluten-free doesn’t always equal flavour-free, guys.

By Meg Bellemore

Penn Badgley (Aka, Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl,) just got hitched to his stunning longtime GF, Domino Kirke, (the older sis of Girls babe Jemima Kirke,) in a cute courthouse ceremony in New York.

Everything wreaked of hipster-ness and intimacy, but there was one thing that outdid the sweet, understated theme — the cake.

LOOK at the damn thing. It’s four tier. Topped with fresh fruit. Marbled. Chocolate-infused. It has freaking orange blossoms in it. And, it’s naked. Aka, it’s organic, vegan and gluten-free. Pretty much, this delicious looking dessert is a guilt-free zone, and every single person at the reception could enjoy it.

Come to think of it, a vegan cake is actually the smartest idea ever.

“An organic, vegan, and gluten-free orange blossom cake layered with chocolate icing and cacao nibs, covered with lavender icing only, seemed fitting for a wedding cake as unique and stunning as Domino Kirke,” the talent behind the cake, Emily Lael Aumiller told People.

"This custom creation combined Domino’s love of naked cakes with lush fruit, floral notes such as orange blossom, lavender and rosewater and the delicacy of our marbled designs."

We’d be grinning like goons too if we’d just tasted a slice of that thing.

We’re calling it now: Naked cakes are the new choc mud.

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