This woman's response to someone calling her engagement ring 'pathetic' is everything

So not cool.

By Isabelle Truman
woman called engagement ring pathetic

Just over a week ago, a woman from Tennessee shared a horrible experience she'd had while her and her then fiancé were out engagement ring shopping.

In her recount, Ariel McRae explains that her now husband was incredibly upset that he couldn't provide her with the engagement ring of his dreams, when all she cared about was marrying her best friend.

She said that he saved up just enough to buy her two rings from Pandora, which, she adds, she is in love with.

However, while they were buying the rings, a sales assistant said within earshot, "can you believe some men get these as engagement rings? How pathetic."

Needless to say, Ariel's partner felt embarrassed, and Ariel, very angry. She shared a photo of her rings explaining the experience, which has now received over 50,000 shares.

In the post the newly wed said, "I would have gotten married to this man if it had been a 25¢ gum ball machine ring. When did our nation fall so far to think the only way a man can truly love a woman is if he buys her $3,000+ jewelry and makes a public decree of his affection with said flashy ring?"

With the shares, likes and comments on her Facebook growing by the minute, we can safely say, the world has totally got your back on this one, Ariel.