Tips for first time bridesmaids

What to do and what not to do when your bestie ties the knot

bridesmaid tips

So finally the day has arrived that you've been expecting ever since your bestie told you all about the new guy she was obsessed with, that had her literally looking like the heart shaped eyes emoji! He got on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, and now she's asked you to stand by her side while she says her vows. Before you scream "yes", log on to Pinterest and go full wedding mode, take a moment to plan how you can be her best asset on her big day.

1) Be a team player
We don't need a re-inaction of the craziness that went down between Helen and Annie in the movie Bridesmaids. You may get caught up in emotions and be feeling a little bit competitive with the other bridesmaids, after all you're her "Best friend since…forever!" But it's important to remember you're all standing up there because you mean something to her, and each add value to her life differently. Don't make this a competition of who can be the best bridesmaid, and instead impress her by cooperating with all the other ladies that make up her support team.

2) Communication
Organising a hen's night, bridal shower and assisting with the wedding planning can be challenging, so make sure you're always doing your part to communicate. This means replying to group messages, emails and texts promptly and ensuring your diary is up to date with the important days the bride has scheduled in. If you have prior commitments or cannot make the cake tasting, communicating this to the bride will not only kill a Bridezilla in her tracks but allow for more time to potentially change the date and accommodate everyone.

3) Share your ideas
Don't be afraid to voice your opinion. The bride has 5000 stressed thoughts running through her mind every day prior to the wedding, so your colour scheme suggestion or cake-maker recommendation can only lighten the load. The worst that can happen is she says no.

4) Be prepared to spend
If you're on a budget, currently working overtime and living on 2 minute noodles, it's important to let the bride know your financial concerns. Being a bridesmaid can be expensive depending on many factors such as bridesmaid dresses, gifts, accommodation and organising the bridal shower. It's likely the bride has had a rough idea of how the lead-up to and her big day will go since she was 9 years old, but if not – you can propose a draft budget to plan what you're in for, and whether or not you can commit to it.

5) Be available
This wedding may consume your life as much as it occupies the bride's life. If you've got holidays, appointments or prior commitments, let the bride know your schedule well in advance. Duties of a bridesmaid include being present at the bridal shower, hen's night, rehearsal dinner, wedding dress shopping and pre-wedding pampering, resulting in a very busy bridesmaid. Take into consideration how available you need to be and clear your schedule, after all your best friend is getting married!

6) Enjoy the fun
After all of the crazy planning, happy tears, stressed tears and shopping, when the big day arrives make sure you breathe, take a second, smile and enjoy it. You of all people know how much hard work went into this wedding, and your reward is standing up the front with your bestie, watching her say "I do!"