Watch this man make a perfect engagement ring from scratch

When he couldn't find one that 'felt right' for his girlfriend in stores, he took matters into his own hands.

By Tess Koman
wedding ring custom

When Mike Boyd wanted to propose to Kim, his girlfriend of 6 1/2 years, he couldn’t find an engagement ring that felt “right” for her. “I remember asking the manager [at a local jewellery store] if they had her size and he replied ‘We have 40 in the back so just return it and we'll replace it with her size,’” he told “It felt more like I was shopping for an iPhone than a ring. I wanted a one-off. Nothing fancy, just unique.”

So he made the ring by himself. Well, not totally by himself. He asked Scarlett Erskine, an old friend from school-turned-jewellery designer to walk him through the process step-by-step.

First, he started stealing Kim’s rings while she was in the shower so he could measure them for size (“She didn't have a clue.”). Then he bought the materials (Though he wouldn’t specify how much he spent, he said the entire ring cost “about the same as an equivalent ring in a store.”). Finally, he spent six hours (and 16 minutes, to be exact) in Erskine’s studio putting the thing together under her watch.

“Setting the stone is scary and a bit tricky. It requires steady hands,” Boyd said. Still, he recommends making the ring: Not only does it “[add value],” but it also “somehow redeemed” him from “messing up” Kim’s last three birthdays.

You can watch a fascinating, abbreviated version of the process above or you can skip right to Kim’s delightful reaction to the whole proposal below.

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*Via: Cosmopolitan US