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5 jobs you never thought of (that are totally AMAZING)

PSA: You can get paid to sleep. This is not a drill.

Kim Kardashian sleeping

Professional Sleeper
Luxury hotels have been known to employ professional sleepers to spend a night in each of their rooms and report back with any feedback. Sounds OK fan-bloody-tastic. Imagine being actively encouraged to fall asleep on the job and wear PJs to work. One UK-based pro sleeper – who was employed to road-test luxury beds – was even asked to test them under the influence of alcohol. Umm, get boozed and fall asleep? Sign. Us. Up.

Avon Representative
Wanna get paid for sitting ‘round chatting lipstick with your squad? You can. As an Avon Representative that’s up there on your KPIs with finding the perfect foundation and helping your bestie win the war against pores. You’d get first dibs on ALL the new beauty loot, get to host fun af beauty parties and did we mention that you can earn heaps? You take home up to 50 percent of every beauty product you sell making it a preeeetty sweet career move.

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Netflix Tagger
While you’ve been sloggin’ away working 9-5, people have been getting paid to watch Netflix. Like, literally earning money for perving on Riggins. THE DREAM. Turns out, the global streaming service employs people to watch and categorise all of their TV shows and movies before they become available to the public. Resigns with immediate effect. Bring on the Gossip Girl re-runs.

Fortune Cooker Writer
Do you ever feel like your wisdom is totally wasted on your workmates? You’re in the wrong job. You should be writing one-liners (like this one Taylor's BFF Jaime King shared on the 'gram) for fortune cookies instead. Yep, that’s a thing. Wonton Food Company, the world’s biggest producer of fortune cookies, employs a full-time CFO/CFW (chief fortune writer, natch) and heaps of other companies advertise for freelance fortune writers in the local paper. So next time you see an ad that sounds too good to be true, just remember your future looks bright. LOLZ.

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Waterslide Tester
What beats trying to figure out who stole your leftovers from the office fridge? Travelling the world to test waterslides TYVM. Sure, it sounds crazy far-fetched, but it’s legit happened IRL. A British student, Sebastian Smith, landed this ~dream~ gig and was paid $32,000 to spend the summer jetting all over Europe testing waterslides at SplashWorld resorts. WHAT EVEN IS LIFE. Fair play, Seb. Fair play.

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