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ALERT: There are two Bachelorette intruders this week and we’ve got the deets

Meet the new boys on the block.

By Erin Cook


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This week on The Bachelorette two handsome new suitors will enter the mansion.

Introducing Todd and Matteo.

First up, we have Todd – a 26-year-old musician from Queensland. Apparently, poor Toddy has had a tough time in the pursuit of ‘the one.’ Speaking to TV Week, he said that at one point he questioned whether he would ever find love.

Then, he met his ex-girlfriend and fell head over heels… until she dumped him. “Then suddenly, over a short period of time, I felt this way and then had my heart broken. I've never felt that bad before,” he said.

But before you get too emotionally attached to Todd, meet Matteo. The Italian born 31-year-old has also had his fair share of heartbreak. “I've been heartbroken but I'd do it again,” he told TV Week. “When you give 100 percent of yourself to another person, you accept that at the end of the relationship you will feel pain.”

Apparently, the other 10 remaining Bachelorette contestants weren’t exactly thrilled to meet the new arrivals. Matteo told the Daily Telegraph that they were “a bit standoffish.”

Nothing like a few intruders to inject a bit of ~drama~ into the Bachelorette mansion.

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