Women of the Year

5 bloggers who couldn’t give less of a f*ck about expected beauty norms

Must follow x 5.

Ever heard the phrase: Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel?

TBH, most of us spend an ungodly amount of time following the day-to-day musings of beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers on Instagram. (Guilty!) And, after being stuck in an Insta-stalking vortex, it’s easy to feel like everyone else has airbrushed legs and a colour-coordinated wardrobe.

Spoiler: They don’t!

Here, we round up the kick-ass bloggers who couldn’t give a two hoots about pretending their lives are perfect:

Kayla Itsines

Recently, fitness entrepreneur Kayla Itsines let us in on an insecurity she’s had for a very long time: her natural hair. “Here is a fact that I haven't actually ever really spoken about,” she said.

“My natural hair is actually super short. I have genetically really thin hair (my grandma and mum both have really thin hair as does a lot of my family). I often just wear a clip in pony tail when I want long hair. It is something I have come to terms with over the years. I have a family history of female pattern baldness.”

Despite being fit AF, Kayla has stretch marks – just like 99.999999% of the population. She shared this post of her stretch marks on Instagram and we couldn’t love her more if we tried.

Celeste Barber

Comedian Celeste Barber has made an entire career out of recreating unrealistic pictures of supermodels. Her posts are hilarious! Let’s be real – Celeste at the gym is all of us.

Katie Snooks

Beauty blogger Katie Snooks has struggled with acne since her teenage years. Last year, when she made the decision to take Roaccutane, she documented the whole thing on YouTube. Katie shared her experience to prove: “it's okay to show your imperfections.”

Lauren Neate

Lauren Neate is a fitness blogger – and she also happens to have alopecia.

When Lauren posted the above picture of herself sans wig, it went viral. “It's actually taken me 7 years to get the balls to do this, but yes I have no hair,” she said.

“I found out I had alopecia when I was 13 and ever since I've hid it with hair extensions, then wigs. To some people it might be a surprise and to others you may have already known but I'm making this post for myself, to show myself that it's okay to accept it and not hide behind this idea of looking ‘normal’ all of the time.”

Antonella The Uncensored Reviewer

When Antonella says her reviews are uncensored, she means it. “Please be warned I may use a few choice words not for the faint hearted and not to be listened to around children,” she says. “I review stuff and say it how it is.”

Our favourite? Her review of that Instagram-famous stick on bra. We’re pretty sure all big boobed ladies can relate.