Women of the Year

Delta Goodrem gave us some life advice (and it’s fierce AF)

Don’t waste time with duds!

Cosmo’s latest cover star Delta Goodrem dished out some seriously ~inspirational~ life mottos on our shoot. And given that she’s been in the public eye for most of her life and dealt with her fair share of sh*t along the way, we’re all ears! Take note, ladies…

On career…
“Pressure makes diamonds.”
“I’m constantly looking for the variety of life…if the opportunity comes up, always try different things’.”
“I’ve surrendered to the now and just working brick by brick to see where it leads.”

On the sisterhood…
“It’s really important to have each other’s backs.”
“My message from the day I started was that it’s cool to be kind…there is nothing wrong with being a good girl –it’s actually super-cool.”

On love…
“Don’t waste time with men who aren’t right for you!”

On “bleurgh” days…
“Listening to really hard-core hip-hop gets all of your aggression out and then you’re over it. It’s great for the soul.”

On life in general…
“When it’s a beautiful chapter, the stars are aligning and you feel like you’ve got a rhythm, you’ve got to just be grateful.”
“You’re on your own journey – give it everything you’ve got and enjoy every moment.”

Little wonder she’s Cosmo’s Women of the Year 2016 Hall of Fame inductee!