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Harriet Dyer in ‘The Other Guy’ is the funniest thing you'll watch all year

There’s a little bit of Stevie in ALL of us.

By BTYB Stan
stevie the other guy

If Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna, Madonna, Kesha and co. have taught us anything, it’s that you can be hella fierce with just one name. A statement which totally applies to our new favourite TV character, Stevie, from The Other Guy on Stan.

Played by Harriet Dyer — aka Patricia Saunders in Love Child — Stevie is set to become your spirit animal kween for any drunken/crazy/mortifying situations you get yourself into. Because whatever you’ve done, Stevie has done WAY worse. Like vom in a bag of chips with the hangover from hell.

Refreshingly real, the Stan original comedy, which is co-written by Matt Okine and Becky Lucas, centres on the topic of dating. Namely, WTF you do when you find yourself single after 10 years like AJ (Okine) ‘cause your ex (Valene Kane) cheated on you with your best mate/roommate, Henry. Enter: AJ’s scene-stealing BFF and new self-appointed roommate, Stevie, who we love for so many reasons like...

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1. She's the best friend a guy could have

Stevie, AJ’s perma-drunk bestie, refuses to let him feel sorry for himself and wallow, ‘cos frankly she’s got bigger shit to deal with. Like getting her phone back from her dealer who she drunkenly hooked up with. (Side note: Dezzy, the dealer/love interest is played to perfection by Christiaan Van Vuuren of Bondi Hipsters fame.)

2. Her relationship with AJ is platonic

The fact that AJ and Stevie’s relationship is purely platonic is a win for ANYONE who is sick to death of explaining that guys and girls can just be friends.

3. She isn't your stereotypical chick

The Other Guy gets more praise hands emojis for the fact that they haven’t played into traditional gender stereotypes either. Stevie isn’t the cool-girl bestie waiting at the sidelines for AJ to become single, or the annoying AF quirky girl, or the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She’s the commitment-phobic aged-care worker who finds the idea of fetish-free vanilla sex repulsive. She’s unabashedly direct, confident, brash, potty-mouthed and vulnerable too (at times).

4. Her banter is next level

It feels like forever (or indeed never) since a TV character blamed her bitchy comments on an imaginary thyroid condition or so perfectly portrayed the kill-me-now sitch of buying the morning after pill. Stevie also gets bonus points for going peak BYO and taking goon to the bowlo.

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5. Her style is on point

Despite being one hangover away from death at all times, Stevie’s wardrobe is always on point, but not too try-hard. Like that friend who manages to look semi-decent even with a raging hangover. Her look is the perfect mix of athleisure, accessories and dresses that somehow still look amazing after a two-day bender — with the occasional socks and slides thrown in for good measure.

Stevie, we salute you, your style, and the way you spray the c-bomb everywhere with reckless abandon.

Brought to you by ‘The Other Guy’. Now streaming on Stan.