Women of the Year

Watch Julia Gillard’s #inspiring speech at Cosmo’s Women of the Year Awards

Get ready to feel proud AF to be a woman.

By Natasha Harding

In the spirit of celebrating women who are #nailingit, Julia Gillard presented Aussie legend Delta Goodrem with Hall of Fame Award at Cosmopolitan's 2016 Women of the Year event.

After admitting to having a fan girl moment with Emma Wiggle earlier in the day (which, TBH, we all did), Julia went on to give the room epic girl power feels in her speech about the next generation of Australian women.

"Today's Cosmo readers have never doubted that they are the equal of men," Julia says. "These are women who expect, in fact, they demand to have options and choices in their lives."

Amen to that.

"Each of them wants to be able to make decisions about their fertility, to choose who they love, to be able to work and succeed as well as nurture and care for others," Julia adds.

Before congratulating Delta on being an incred artist, role model and all-round gorge human being, the former Prime Minister also encouraged women to no be disheartened by Trump's election. Instead, she called on us to be more motivated than ever before to break down the final set of barriers for women in society.

In short, Julia's speech was basically one helluva feminist rally cry and we can't stop watching it ON REPEAT.

But rather than us spoiling the speech, sit back, watch it for yourself and prepare for some seriously awesome feminist feels.