5 ways to OWN Monday, according to Australia's most successful entrepreneurs

You might actually like your most loathed day after reading this.

By Meg Bellemore
Frank Body

Mondays are hard. Our hair is definitely wet, we’re late, we're spending $10 on toast, and we are very, very tired.

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By Wednesday, we’re a little more on top of things. We’re ready to get stuck into the work week! There’s just one problem — it’s half-over.

To learn how to make Mondays work for us, instead of letting them overwhelm us, we turned to some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia. These women never glorify being busy — they just get the job done.

BUT HOW?! you ask. Tell us every minute detail of their routines!

Here, five bosses reveal every little (but important) habit they stick to, in order to not only survive, but actually ENJOY Mondays.