Women of the Year

Sam Frost and Georgia Love slam Donald Trump at Cosmo's Women of the Year Awards

Serious girl power feels.

ICYMI: Cosmo held its annual Women of the Year Awards today and let’s just say, the room was filled to the brim with girl power.

Former Bachelorettes Georgia Love and Sam Frost both spoke at the event, and took the opportunity to slam Donald Trump after he was controversially elected President of the United States yesterday.

“It’s truly an honour to be here today,” Georgia began. “I think it’s especially poignant less than 24 hours after finding out that the new leader of the free world is a sexist, for women to be here and getting behind other women.”

“For me personally, less than two weeks ago I lost the most influential woman in my life, who is my mum,” she continued.

Sam Frost – who won the gong for Radio Presenter of the Year – told the room:

“Today I woke up feeling quite deflated as a female. For Trump to win as the President of the free world, as someone who is a sexist and treats women like absolute shit – let’s be honest. It was heartbreaking to know that so many people in the world could vote for someone with such horrendous thoughts about women. But to be in this room with so many talented and intelligent and inspiring and incredible women has restored my faith in everyone in society and I just hope that we can band together and continue to fight hard.”

Here, here!